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Fronted by super talented singer/songwriter Ms. Mariel Loveland, Best Ex might be a name you don’t recall, but the band is certainly familiar. From touring across the US and UK as Candy Hearts, a wide-eyed punk band rooted in the nostalgic world of Vans Warped tour and the Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack, the band abandoned their previous punk sound and adopted a sparkling new sound.

While they’ve managed to maintain the wistful heartbreak of previous releases, they’ve slapped together some fuzzed-out synths, a heavy dose of sarcasm, and Loveland’s recent addiction to Hot Cheetos. It was so much fun to bother Mariel Loveland during a tough time in which we both found fun in this dumb questions about war stories of braces and Trypophobia.

1. Did you have braces as a kid?

I didn’t just have braces. I had this extremely nerdy headgear that I had to wear every night — and that thing hurt like hell. I had braces for about four years. I got them off right before high school, but I had a retainer for many years after that, and I still sometimes have nightmares I’ve broken or lost my retainer as if my teeth haven’t completely shifted by now anyway! I think we can all agree that braces are not fun.

2. What’s the most awkward place/time you’ve run into an ex?

Hmf well, backstage at a show gets pretty awkward. I’ve had to tour with an ex, who I cared about dearly, but it just wasn’t working out through no real fault of either of us. I think the reason we didn’t breakup sooner was the fact that we had 6 months of touring inadvertently scheduled together (a random side effect of having the same agent and being on the same album cycle). Halfway through the first one, we had a massive fight, and I just wanted space. He said that we either breakup or don’t, so I chose the former. Let me tell you, spending my first time in the U.K. knowing absolutely no one with an ex who doesn’t want to speak to me backstage was pretty lonely. I don’t blame him for it, but like braces, it was not fun.

3. What’s your least favorite candy?

Hershey Aero with all those little holes absolutely repulses me. I have a thing with Trypophobia and I ate one once because my sister — with the same weird affliction — shoves it in my face and I didn’t know how to make it go away. I swear my tummy started itching like I was filled with ants. I’m a sweet tooth though so in reality, I’ll eat most anything that’s candy.

4. When’s the last time you played Tony Hawk Pro Skater?

On Thanksgiving weekend. They just came out with the remastered versions and I haven’t quite got the swing of it again. I used to be really, really good.

5. In your opinion, what is the loveliest part of land in New Jersey?

Hard to choose. I love so much about New Jersey, but I’d say Cape May. There’s something special about driving through the Pine Barrens, and that specific patch that was decimated by a forest fire when I was younger, and emerging on the other side to rows of Victorian homes and salty air.

6. Cheetos or Doritos?

100% hot Cheetos. I ate so much once that I gave my tongue a chemical burn.

7. Do you have a favorite freckle?

The freckle on my lip.

8. What’s the best difference between you and your twin?

It’s weird because we’re so the opposite in so many ways. My favorite difference is the way she looks at the world with this sense of sweetness that I often just can’t see myself.

9. If you could walk anywhere right now, where would you go?

Honestly, the world is an absolute wreck with coronavirus, so I’d opt to go nowhere except the inside of my own house. I did walk to Walgreen’s earlier but the number of people inside made me very anxious.

10. What’s one bad thing you did that you secretly loved?

I once sent someone who claimed I owed them money an invoice for emotional damages. It’s so petty that I shouldn’t be proud, but I really sort of loved it.

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