Want to know your favorite musician’s favorite sandwich? How about what they wanted to be when they grow up? Well, welcome to Bothering the Band, the off-the-wall interview series that picks, pokes, and prods the minds of your favorite musicians. Consisting of 10 sometimes wacky and sometimes real-world questions, the goal is to elicit fun tales and hilarious anecdotes from the most talented bands and musicians from all over the wide world. Bothering the Band is the perfect read when you’re waiting for an airplane, tuning out your coworkers, or sitting on the toilet. And now, queue the music.

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Bothering the Band

Bothering the Band - From Fusion Press to Popular Podcast Ever wanted to know your favorite musician’s favorite sandwich? How...

Bothering the Band – Elder Island

Better put Bristol-based electronic-pop trio Elder Island and their hotly-anticipated sophomore album Swimming Static (out May 28) on your radar,...

Bothering the Band – Jonathan Meiburg

Jonathan Meiburg is a musician and writer, best known as the lead singer and songwriter for the band, Shearwater, which...

Bothering the Band – Lou DeFabrizio

Louis DeFabrizio is one of a kind. Not only is he a musician, he's also an artist, a businessman, a...

Bothering the Band – Dom Flemons

GRAMMY Award Winner, Two-Time EMMY Nominee, 2020 United States Artists Fellow, Dom Flemons is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, actor, music...


Interviewing King Khan Was amazing and author explains interview process here. 

King Khan and Malik Rahim for Global Solidarity Forever

Text Here……

“So Freakin Entertaining!”

-King Khan