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Over the last few years, Jessie Reyez has been gaining an audience through releasing EPs and singles all leading up to her album, ‘BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US’. The most recognizable being ‘Figures’, which received a triple platinum certification in Canada. With strong vocals and songwriting paired with R&B beats, it is hard not to get drawn in.

The Colombian-Canadian artist, Jessie Reyez, released her most recent album, ‘BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US’ on March 27, 2020. Since the release, Jessie has received nothing but compliments on her debut album. Her voice is one not to be compared, as she displays incredible range while keeping a flow that sets her apart from other female vocalists. Jessie takes the listener through a roller coaster of heartbreak and emotions with melodic bars that keeps the listener engaged.

Diving deeper into her music style, she is profoundly personal in her music bringing listeners into her world. In ‘BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US’ Jessie gives us a boss attitude with cheeky lyrics mixed in. This made the album, not sad, but empowering for all of those that can relate to heartbreak or insecurities.

'WHEN LOVE CAME TO KILL US' Jessie Reyez Debut Studio Album
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Debut Studio Album – Most Notable Tracks:

  • Track 3: ‘INTRUDERS’ – Jessie sets the tone early in the album, heartbreak. Carrying this tone both by showing the vulnerabilities and desperation for her lover to be faithful. She begs for no ‘intruders’ on her relationship. The most notable lyrics being in the chorus, “So please no intruders, I kill all intruders, ‘Cause my love is ruthless”.
  • Track 4: ‘COFFIN (feat. Eminem)’ – Jessie Reyez brings Eminem on as a feature to flare the emotions of a messy break up. Eminem and Jessie go back and forth through the lyrics showing the desperation of being hurt by or hurting the one you love.
  • Track 14: ‘FIGURES’ -Jessie’s debut single carries the same tone of the full album; she cleverly included this, already popular song, as the final track on her debut album. Jessie brings the emotional album to a melodic close by engaging listeners to feel the exhaustion of a disloyal relationship. The intro of this track says it all, “I gave you ride or die and you gave me games, Love figures”.

All in all, it is clear Jessie Reyes will receive well deserved accolades on her debut studio album.

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