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ANGELS AND AIRWAVES Return To Nashville For Their First Tour Since 2012!

Live Nation Presents On October 13th, Angels & Airwaves graced the stage of Nashville’s Marathon Music Works for a heavenly night of prog-punk topped with a dash of Pink Floyd-inspired arena rock. The all-ages show with Bad Suns and 1990Nowhere was a wonderful welcome-back reminder of the talent hidden behind the headlines of Tom DeLonge. 

ANGELS AND AIRWAVES @benneelyphotography Fusion Press Media Tom Delonge
(Tom Delonge) Angels And Airwaves at Marathon Music Works Nashville TN 10/13/21 – Photo by: @benneelyphotography

Evolving the Airwaves

In 2005, when Tom DeLonge’s then-band Blink 182 went on a hiatus, he formed a high concept art project dubbed Angels & Airwaves. With their first release, 2006’s We Don’t Need To Whisper, Angels & Airwaves went gold and burst onto the scene as an arena rock powerhouse that wouldn’t be limited.

New Music & More

Their sixth studio album LIFEFORMS will arrive September 24 of this year with the band hitting the road for a worldwide tour shortly thereafter. LIFEFORMS is as adventurous as it is thoughtful, both in its sonics and subject matter. It’s a stepping-stone for Angels & Airwaves to have far deeper and wider conversations about that which we yet do not know. When DeLonge was a child, he was fascinated by conspiracy theories but, as he got older, he discovered more and more of the topics he was drawn to contained enormous amounts of truth. “Even though we like to think we do, in my experience, we don’t know everything,” he says. Tom says LIFEFORMS was the most difficult album he’s ever made, but he is now confident in the exploration it took to create it. After the release of the album will come his directorial debut in the form of a sci-fi adventure feature film titled Monsters of California.

ANGELS AND AIRWAVES @benneelyphotography
Angels And Airwaves at Marathon Music Works Nashville TN 10/13/21 – Photo by: @benneelyphotography

The Night’s Adventure

We are going to gloss over Tom’s obsession with conspiracies and UFOs, because if you are reading this then you have read it all before. The art of the music is what we were at the show for, and the band or the venue did not disappoint. Speaking of the cool venue, Marathon Music Works is a turn-of-the-century auto factory turned event venue, but may be Nashville’s most unique concert hall. It was a perfect setting for a return to form for Angels & Airwaves. They began their set with the tinkling track “Kiss & Tell”, and after “The Adventure” and “Everything’s Magic”, they busted out a live debut of “Losing My Mind”, finishing the night with “Heaven”.

(Tom Delonge) Angels And Airwaves at Marathon Music Works Nashville TN 10/13/21 – Photo by: @benneelyphotography

From Heaven to Hollywood

Tom DeLonge is about to make his directorial debut with the feature film Monsters of California, a coming of age adventure with a science fiction twist that follows a teenager and his derelict friends on a quest for the meaning behind a series of mysterious, paranormal events in Southern California. We would bet our Sasquatch pajamas that once the film comes out, Tom and the Angels and Airwaves gang will put the music on hold, so it was a blessing to be in the presence of the out-of-this-world music for a magical night in Nashville.

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